Connecting to new AppleTV and HDMI-connected classrooms

As of Fall 2018, all classrooms are equipped with mounted speakers and either a wireless AppleTV or wired HDMI connection. Follow the steps in the video below to wirelessly connect to an AppleTV-connected projector. If the AppleTV doesn’t appear in your list make sure your bluetooth is turned on.​


If you’re in a classroom without an AppleTV then you’ll use a wired HDMI connection. The instructions below show how to connect. The HDMI connection carries both video and audio signals. You can pick up a short HDMI and dongle from the IT office that you’ll plug into the wall outlet.

Mini-PD: Research and Citation Tools

At last week’s mini-PD, Dianne and Chelsea taught us about three tools for research and citation:

  • ​Noodletools, the best research manager for middle and high school students.​
  • Turnitin, the best plagiarism checker (and one that integrates with Canvas) which helps you check for direct, mosaic, and self-plagiarism.
  • Zotero, a citation manager for undergraduates and graduates that integrates with Microsoft Word for easy citation management.
See the full PowerPoint here.

PD Workshop: How to Design Beautiful Handouts and Other Documents

This week we learned four tools that make it easy to create graphic organizers, posters, online ad graphics, and infographics. This results in products that are more polished – and authentic – than cutting and pasting on paper!

And here’s some work from the workshop participants:


Amy Li:

Aaron Foster explains Quizlet Live

Creating fun and meaningful assessments can be a challenge – just ask anyone from this week’s #pudPDAsia event. Quizlet Live is one tool you can use to do just that. With a few clicks, you can create a competitive game to help students review vocabulary and concepts. But Aaron Foster explains it better in this two-minute video:

Sign up for Ofo bike sharing

It’s getting easier and easier to get around Nansha. The latest entrant to the mobility scene is Ofo, a bike-sharing service whose yellow bikes are ubiquitous in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other urban areas.

Foreigners can sign up if they download the app (using Wechat doesn’t seem to work), but the in-app registration mechanism appears to be buggy: it accepts your documents, but forgets that you’ve submitted them when you exit the app. To sign up, you need to contact customer service… but you can also visit Matt K and bring your passport if you want help signing up for Ofo. We’ll be posting video instructions here soon as well if you want to do it yourself and can type some Chinese!