What is Prompt Engineering?

How do you get the most out of AI? By providing the best prompts possible. How do you provide the best prompts possible? By mastering the art of Prompt Engineering! What is Prompt Engineering? Prompt engineering is the art of asking the right question to get the best output from an LLM. It enables direct […]

AI Resources for Teachers

ChatGPT is probably the most well-known AI tool in use. I’m sure you have come across many other resources that are worth sharing. Here’s a jack-of-all-trades AI I use: MagicSchoolAI. This tool includes a rubric generator, unit plan generator, lesson plan generator, ice breaker generator, teacher joke generator, and so much more! Sign-up is free. […]

google.com.hk is bothersome

When you input google.com with any browser, Google detects and directs their website to the closest google.com site. Since our internet line exits through Hong Kong, Google will redirect your browser to google.com.hk. To set your browser to use google.com instead of google.com.hk, input google.com/ncr and you’ll be able to access google.com moving forward. ncr […]

Try Parlay for Meaningful Class Discussions

Parlay is a free web-based discussion platform that fosters communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Check out this YouTube video that explains: Parlay in 60 Seconds. Aubrey recently invited me to her English Literature classes to see it in action. Then we sat down to chat about it. Here is what we discussed and how you […]