Virtual School EdTech Briefing – June 16, 2021

Last VS EdTech Briefing of the Year!  

In this episode, we share tech tools for you!

  1.  Liz Shuler directs us to the NCPA Virtual Wellness Room – a resource-rich site that has everything from relaxing music, links to yoga videos, mindfulness exercises and much much more.
  2. Pat Hughes recommends apps related to fitness and lifehacking.

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We also ended with some Mentimeter questions – see the results below.

Virtual School EdTech Briefing – June 9, 2021

Today’s session covered:

  • Text Engineering with Mats Haaland
  • with Grace Ridnour

Watch Recording below or HERE

( I missed the first minute – but you can catch the Agenda and Check-in in the slides below)


Virtual School EdTech Briefing – June 3, 2021

This morning we ran the session twice.  Here is a brief look at the lineup.

  1. Check-in with Lisa
  2. Canva for Reflection and Collaboration with Steven Groene
  3. Revisit Tech Tools Inventory with Elizabeth Cooper

Watch the whole show below or HERE

Or check out the slides below

Link to Padlet HERE

Virtual School Readiness

May 31, 2021 Virtual School EdTech Prep

Today I covered the essentials for:


Today I covered the essentials for:

  • Using Tencent Meeting
  • Using Calendly to schedule office hours
  • How to create and share links for office hours and virtual classes.