NCPA #virtualschool Daily #edtech Briefing: Thursday, March 5th

Get the latest #virtualschool tips, FAQs, and demo slams from #pulaoproud Tech Ambs @newtonsscience @alannamounsey @trishmerewether @hanghesperwang @mbkkelsey live every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00am CST. Join link & recordings at #issedu #acamistech [advanced_iframe src=”” width=”640px” height=”360px”] This day’s topics were: Student Survey Updates Phishing e-mails continued Top 10 Tech Tips from Virtual School […]

Want to get certified for educational tech tools? Check out Microsoft Innovation Educator and Apple Teacher certs

As teachers we’re continually looking to improve on our practice, two great self paced certifications that can help you improve and explore the various features of educational tech tools are the Microsoft Innovative Educator ( MIE ) certification and the Apple Teacher certification. Many may be familiar with these programs through our Saturday Certificate Sessions that […]

Microsoft Teams Classroom Features Session

In this session, Dave Barton, explores the key features of Microsoft Teams: How to set up a Class Notebook through Teams Features of Class Notebook ( Content Library, Distribute Pages,  Review Student Work ) Assignments Add – On’s ( Forms, Flipgrid, etc ) Setting up channels in a group Students and teachers are loving Teams! […]

Tech in the Toilet: Tech for Co-Teaching (Andrea Honigsfeld Edition)

In this edition of Tech in the Toilet we celebrate Andrea Honigsfeld’s visit to campus with a rundown of tools that support co-teaching. After objectives, materials, roles, and responsibilities have been established, each teacher completes various lesson planning tasks such as scaffolding activities, differentiating materials and assessments, finding alternative resources, creating learning centers/stations, and so […]

Optimize Your Use of the Whiteboard Tables Now!

At NCPA, we are facilitated with the wonderful whiteboard tables but – how can students use it meaningfully? You must have noticed that students are generally engaged when you tell them they can write things down on the tables. Use their excitement as the starting point to create some different learning experiences! Input Stage – Notetaking […]

Action Required: New Office 365 Features

Over the summer changes to Office 365 have been made that require your action and/or attention. Receiving Group/Team Messages Don’t worry, you are receiving all staff emails. But for your department groups and other Office 365 teams, the following applies: Microsoft updated the Outlook web interface over the summer. You need to find your groups […]