NCPA #edtech Briefing: October 20, 2020

  Today Nate Cooper and Steven Groene were the guests!  Here is what they shared:  Nate Cooper – Student Engagement:  Nate shared several strategies that he uses for student engagement on the macro and micro level. You can access his slides with additional resources like discussion protocols,  HERE. Steven Groene –  A completely FREE tool […]

NCPA #edtech Briefing: Tuesday, September 22

Welcome back to the NCPA #edtech Blog!  Today starts the reboot of the #edtech Briefings.  I will host this chat every Tuesday and Thursday from now on at 7:30am CST.  Here is what we covered today: MS Teams Tips – Lisa​ Seesaw Feedback – Elizabeth​ Making Connections – Padlet​ Call for Tech Ambassadors – Lisa​ […]

Virtual School Tech Briefing: Student Edition : February 28th

One of the biggest tech challenges of online school has been finding a way for students to download or watch a video from class relatively quickly. As teachers we’ve used resources such as: watching from Canvas, downloading from Canvas, downloading from teams, sending Sharepoint links, uploading to Stream and some teachers have even found their […]

NCPA #virtualschool Daily #edtech Briefing: Thursday, March 19th

Get the latest #virtualschool tips, FAQs, and demo slams from #pulaoproud Tech Ambs @newtonsscience @alannamounsey @trishmerewether @hanghesperwang @mbkkelsey live every Thursday at 8:30 am CST. Join link & recordings at #issedu #acamistech [advanced_iframe src=”″ width=”640px” height=”360px”] This day’s topics were: All about Online Discussions ( Jigsaw in Teams, Groups in Canvas Discussions, Small Group […]

Microsoft Teams Classroom Features Session

In this session, Dave Barton, explores the key features of Microsoft Teams: How to set up a Class Notebook through Teams Features of Class Notebook ( Content Library, Distribute Pages,  Review Student Work ) Assignments Add – On’s ( Forms, Flipgrid, etc ) Setting up channels in a group Students and teachers are loving Teams! […]

NCPA #virtualschool #edtech Briefing: Tuesday, Feb 19

Get the latest #virtualschool tips, FAQs, and demo slams from #pulaoproud Tech Ambs @newtonsscience @alannamounsey @trishmerewether @hanghesperwang @mbkkelsey live every Tue/Thurs at 10:00am CST (in 60 mins). Join link & recordings at #issedu #acamistech [advanced_iframe src=”//″ width=”640px” height=”360px”] The day’s topics were: +/ Δs Use teams status messages to separate work and life (MK) […]

Student Engagement Consultancy Sessions from Friday, Feb 14

The Tech Ambassadors recognize that student engagement is a persistent area of interest for teachers in virtual school. In this peer-to-peer sharing session, we brainstormed strategies you’ve used to keep students engaged during virtual school. We took turns sharing them out using a group whiteboard tool and grouped them by category. Then, we discussed the […]