Additional Parent Contact Information Available for Faculty in PowerTeacher

More parent contact information is now available in the PowerTeacher > sqlReports 5 > Student Demographics for Teachers report. Where previously there was only a “Guardian E-mail” field, which may have been the father or mother, there are now two additional columns for mother’s e-mail and father’s e-mail. The registrar’s office requests that you e-mail […]

IT Services Annual Survey Results

Thank you to the 30 faculty and staff who completed the IT services annual survey. The response rate of 25% is slightly higher than expected for surveys solicited electronically. The IT department reviewed the results of this survey on February 19 and we will review our individual satisfaction survey results as part of our personal […]

What’s up with the digital signage?

To continue improving school communications and culture and the tidiness of our hallways, we now have designated announcement corkboards and digital signage at the main stairwells of AQ1 and AQ4. ​Additional corkboards and signage will be installed in the back stairwells of AQ1 and AQ4 in the coming weeks. The digital signage shows a loop […]