The Definitive Guide to Slow Internet

Since the beginning of virtual school, students have submitted at least 188 tickets to the IT helpdesk. Of those tickets, the largest single source of problems (56 tickets; 31%) is students’ slow home internet connections. China’s limited overseas connectivity causes slow home internet connections – essentially, there is an internet traffic jam between China and […]

Virtual School Briefing, Thurs. Jan 30

The Tech Ambassadors met yesterday to bring you the rest of this week’s briefings. Can my EAL co-teacher and TA be added to my Canvas course? Yes, you can and should add co-teachers and TAs to your Canvas course by clicking on “People” in your course’s left nav bar.   See for more detail. […]

Workarounds for VPN Service Restrictions

Our VPN provider has informed us that due to the upcoming CPC National Congress, they must comply with government regulations limiting access to overseas websites from October 9 to October 28. During this tim​e, the following services will not be available on the school network:​ ​Facebook YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Line Instagram​ ​Other overseas websites, including […]