Updated: PowerSchool now syncs course groups to Outlook

Updated March 13, 2020: Group names and addresses have been updated to fix a bug with term enrollments not being processed correctly. Elective courses that meet for one semester now e-mail the correct group of students for that term. Original Post: Teachers and staff want to quickly communicate with groups of students, teachers and parents. […]

Action Required: New Office 365 Features

Over the summer changes to Office 365 have been made that require your action and/or attention. Receiving Group/Team Messages Don’t worry, you are receiving all staff emails. But for your department groups and other Office 365 teams, the following applies: Microsoft updated the Outlook web interface over the summer. You need to find your groups […]

Additional Parent Contact Information Available for Faculty in PowerTeacher

More parent contact information is now available in the PowerTeacher > sqlReports 5 > Student Demographics for Teachers report. Where previously there was only a “Guardian E-mail” field, which may have been the father or mother, there are now two additional columns for mother’s e-mail and father’s e-mail. The registrar’s office requests that you e-mail […]

How to Mail Merge a List of Incompletes with Word and Outlook 2016

[advanced_iframe src=”https://web.microsoftstream.com/embed/video/c78f162d-a281-480d-85c5-edd15092817d?autoplay=false&showinfo=true” width=”640″ height=”360″] Sending emails home about Incompletes or Not Yets doesn’t have to be a chore. Learn how you can mostly automate the process in less than ten minutes by watching the guide above (NCPA login required due to presence of student information).

Finding Student Info in the PowerSchool Admin Portal

This week we had a training session for PS Admin Portal users. Find the Quick Ref card here: https://ncpachinaorg.sharepoint.com/sites/itdepartment/Shared%20Documents/Processes/Trainings/PowerSchool%20Finding%20Student%20Info%20Quick%20Ref.docx?Web=1​ ​ This is an embedded <a target=’_blank’ href=’https://office.com’>Microsoft Office</a> document, powered by <a target=’_blank’ href=’https://office.com/webapps’>Office Online</a>.

New Time-Saving Reports in PowerTeacher

Our PowerSchool Master Eric Zou has ​added three new reports to PowerTeacher to help you find information about your students. ​ The first, ​Incompletes Report for Teachers, shows a list of incomplete assignments, the student responsible, and the student’s parent’s email address. We hope this makes it easier to inform parents of your concerns about their children […]