NCPA #edtech Briefing: Thursday, October 8th

Special Edition for Remote Teachers

In todays #edtech Briefing I will walk you through the steps to create a screencast/video for Open House.


How to Sign-up for Screencast-O-Matic

If you are planning to use this tool one time for your Open House video, you can use the free version.  It allows you to create one video up to 15 minutes long.  Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Record for Free”





3.  Select “Launch Free Recorder”





4.  Select “Both” so it records your video and your screen


Here is a video that shows the steps too.

If you think this is something that you will use a lot and would like to have an unlimited team plan, please contact Lisa Hughes.  There are still some licenses available.  


You can find tutorials from Screencast-O-Matic HERE


Set up a time with me and I can help you get started!  Lisa’s Calendly for Appointments


NCPA #virtualschool Daily #edtech Briefing: Thursday, March 19th

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This day’s topics were:

  • All about Online Discussions ( Jigsaw in Teams, Groups in Canvas Discussions, Small Group Discussions )
  • Sharing Math Equation Templates
  • How to Record a Good Screencast


A lot of people have been asking about how to sign up for Screencast-o-matic using the school subscription.

Here are the quick details:
Go to

Click the button on the top left that says “Start Recorder”

A window will pop up that asks you for a password. Enter our NCPA password:
<censored – see this link to the right for information>

Then you are all set! Enjoy!

Simple Screencasting with a Macbook and Mini-Whiteboard

If you’re in the middle school and have an iPad​, creating a screencast where students draw and explain a concept is easy with an app like Explain Everything. At the high school where students have Macbooks, the drawing part isn’t easy – but it can be with a mini-whiteboard! You can create a simple screencast like this:

First, put your Macbook lid down to 45 degrees and place a small whiteboard directly below the screen:

Use Quicktime Player to record a movie with your webcam. The movie will be upside down and reversed:

BUT we can use Quicktime Player > Edit menu to flip the video horizontally and vertically!

There you have it – easy screencasts with tools you already have in your classroom. When they’re done, have students upload them to Microsoft Stream ( and share the link with you.

Screencasting Stations

There are now two screencasting stations available in the helpdesk nook at the eLC:

These stations have document cameras, web cams, and the professional screencasting software Screenflow installed. Screenflow lets you easily edit your screecasts, adding drawing annotations like arrows and boxes and highlighting the mouse cursor. These stations also have paid versions of Swift Publisher, a page layout program, installed.