Teams Notifications & More

Are you getting too many notifications?

Not enough?

Do you feel like you are missing information?


Sometimes our preferences change.  At the beginning of the year, you probably visited your settings in Teams with one desire in mind.  Now that you have a handle on Teams, let’s take a look to see if the settings still fit your needs.

Take two minutes today to revisit Teams settings.  

  •  Start by opening MS Teams.  Click your profile picture in the top right-hand corner to find the settings.

  •   In the “Notifications” panel, check each category
    • Email – do you need email notifications when something is posted in Teams?  If you have a good handle on Teams, I recommend “Daily” or “Off”.
    • Appearance and sound – do you want the desk-top pop-up with the option to reply?  what about the sound?  I realized that if I was in a meeting, or working on a project the sound was a distraction for me.
    • Teams and channels – go through each option (chat, meetings, people, and other) and edit your personal preferences.
      • Banner – means you will receive a larger notification in the corner of your screen
      • Feed – means messages will appear in your activity feed (unread ones will be bolded)
      • You will also note that a channel will appear bolded if there is new activity.  


More Tips in Teams

Have you ever received a chat message at the same time class begins, someone walks into your office, or while you were in a meeting… and then you forgot to follow up?!  Don’t worry, you are not the only one.  Here are a couple of things to try that may cut down on that happening.

  • Pin Chats (and channels!)– if you click the three dots to the right of any individual chat, a menu will appear, like in the image below.  Select pin chat.  All pinned chats will appear at the top of all chats.  This is very helpful so that important chat groups do not get buried!  If the chat was specific to a time range, you can unpin when it’s no longer relevant.  I have the “Staff General” and “Staff Bulletin” channels pinned in Teams.


  • Mark as unread – within any chat, you can hover your mouse over the place in the conversation you would like to mark as unread.  The chat will then reappear bolded in your chat feed so you can refer to it later.

  • Save this message – in the same place as mark as unread, you have the option to “Save this message”, it has a bookmark symbol to the left of it.  The only problem with this one is that you will then have to remember to access your saved messages.

ALSO, you can type “/” in the Teams search bar to see a list of commands


For more information on MS Teams check out this article from Ditch That Textbook – How to Manage MS Teams Like a PRO

InnoHub Feb/March Happenings

The InnoHub was as busy as ever last month.  We hit the ground running immediately after Chinese New Year with Liza, Rachel, and Adam’s chemistry classes.  They designed a theoretical molecule that doesn’t currently exist and used recycled materials to build a 3D model of their molecules.  The students finished the project by presenting their molecules to staff and fellow students.

Middle School

Elizabeth and Ann’s STEM 7 class visited the InnoHub to examine a dissected laptop and compare the contents to the parts of a cell.  The students then dissected some small wind-up toys and drew their own comparison diagrams.



Fernanda brought her 8th grade art class to the InnoHub to carve linocut printing blocks and film video tutorials of their process. The videos are on their class Seesaw account and they are awesome!  Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure.


There’s More!

Through most of the month Katrina and her drama crew have been in and out in the afternoons and evenings painting and building set pieces for the upcoming Spring musical, Ranked.
Jordan and Lisa brought their Advisory classes to the InnoHub to have their students create personal logos and turn them into MacBook decals on our new vinyl cutter.  If you would like to learn more about the vinyl cutter, we will introduce this tool at our next #InnoPubPD on May 7th.
Greg brought his AP Human Geography class back to the InnoHub for a third time, this time to create 3D models illustrating different urban planning systems from around the world.


Did you know that the first-ever NCPA Wood Shop Club finished its inaugural trimester?  It was so popular with students we had to add a second section in T3 to meet the demand!  The InnoHub is utilized for ASA’s every day.


And to cap off the month, Jordan and Lisa organized two staff PD’s.  The first was an introduction to Design Thinking, with special guest Yosef, and the second was a crash course in basic woodshop safety and techniques.


As always, thank you to all the teachers who visited and utilized the InnoHub and we look forward to another month packed with new classes and activities!  Don’t forget to contact Jordan Wambeke if you want to schedule time for your class in the InnoHub or want some help integrating the InnoHub into your curriculum!