Virtual School Tech Briefing: Student Edition: March 25th

Want to check out ebooks from our virtual library (Destiny)? Then you must keep reading … This news is brought to you from Ms. Rebecca ( ) in the Library.: We reset all the passwords for Destiny last week.  It’s now really easy to get into Destiny/your own account. Use your barcode ID # on your school ID.  If […]

Virtual School Tech Briefing: Student Edition : February 7th

Thank you to those who have submitted feedback via the survey from yesterday’s Student Bulletin. If you haven’t … go do it NOW! We will use the information from the survey for future bulletins and to help teachers understand what is working well for you in Virtual School and what isn’t.   感谢昨天从Student Bulletin 中提交反馈调查表的同学们。如果你还没完成,现在还可以提交!它在帮助我们老师们了解网络教学上哪些做得好与不好的地方起到很大的作用。 As you’ve notice, the Teams application is a big part of the Virtual School […]

Virtual School Tech Briefing: Student Edition : February 28th

One of the biggest tech challenges of online school has been finding a way for students to download or watch a video from class relatively quickly. As teachers we’ve used resources such as: watching from Canvas, downloading from Canvas, downloading from teams, sending Sharepoint links, uploading to Stream and some teachers have even found their […]