My Simple Show – Presentation Tech Tool

I came across  when listening to a podcast from 

I made a quick video to check out how it works. Here’s the gist. It’s an online platform that converts your PPT or written script into a movie. The software reads your script or PPT and adds the words to a storyboard. The software then reads the words and searches for images that relate to your words and auto-populates the picture part of the storyboard. You can modify sequences and pictures easily throughout the process. Once your text and pictures are set you choose audio features and finishing touches. Audio features on the free version include selecting the type of voice, the speed of the voice, and some background music, for example. The paid version includes the ability to embed subtitles, but I wasn’t able to explore this feature. I could definitely see this working in any class that involves student presentations. You could use it to change up the style of presentations and/or an option for those students who aren’t able to produce oral English yet, or those that are too shy to present. Just another tech tool that could add some extra student engagement into your classroom. Let us know if you have any questions and we’re happy to help you try this out! Thanks for reading! Trish



Video Production Services Available

If you need help producing a polished video for an internal or external audience, the IT department can now provide official assistance in video production. This can range from checking out equipment for do-it-yourself projects to full filming and editing services for school events.

Video projects typically require a minimum of two weeks’ advance notice in order to schedule filming; more lead time may be necessary when editing services are requested. Make a request by filling out this form from the staff portal.

Edpuzzle – Interactive Video Creator

The problem of playing an information video to a whole class may include:

  1. Student disengaged after the beginning 2 minutes
  2. Too much information for students to understand on the spot
  3. You can’t pause and explain everything

Well, with the use of, you can have a way to maintain student engagement and provide a necessary supplementary explanation while playing a video – free and fast.

What you will need to do is:

  • Create an Edpuzzle account.
  • Choose a video to start with – choose one of the channels listed below and search for a video you want to edit.

  • You can also upload your own video through here:

  • Go through the steps to crop the video and insert different types of questions.

  • Test run before you finish editing.

The introductory PPT slides are also attached to this post. Feel free to download it and have a look!



Teaching Video: The Four-Shot Movie

Video projects are always fun for students, and visual literacy is an essential skill in today’s media-oriented world. But we don’t have time to teach the entire grammar of filmmaking. Last week, though, all grade 9 Chinese students learned the basics in a lesson called the Four Shot Movie.

The four-shot movie is the most cost-effective introduction you can ​give to your students before a video project. In 80 minutes, you review the four types of shots, ask students to film a 20-30 second video, and then edit that video in iMovie. Assessment comes in the form of a gallery walk when students walk around looking at other students’ edited films. While students film in groups, each student edits the video clips individually. This short activity teaches shot composition, the importance of brevity and conciseness in editing, and gives them ample feedback from both the teacher and their peers.

Use the turn-key presentation below (link)

and see examples of student work:

Example 1

Example 2