Optimize Your Use of the Whiteboard Tables Now!

At NCPA, we are facilitated with the wonderful whiteboard tables but – how can students use it meaningfully? You must have noticed that students are generally engaged when you tell them they can write things down on the tables. Use their excitement as the starting point to create some different learning experiences! Input Stage – Notetaking […]

What’s up with the digital signage?

To continue improving school communications and culture and the tidiness of our hallways, we now have designated announcement corkboards and digital signage at the main stairwells of AQ1 and AQ4. ​Additional corkboards and signage will be installed in the back stairwells of AQ1 and AQ4 in the coming weeks. The digital signage shows a loop […]

Enter the Laser Cutter

The Inno-Hub is open for business! Er, learning. Despite all the fancy tools inside, this is an accessible space with a low learning curve. To show you how low, Yosef gives you a three-minute rundown on how simple it is to use our laser cutter! [advanced_iframe src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/dhBwb05lYnE” width=”100%” height=”480″] Want to learn more? Come to […]

Screencasting Stations

There are now two screencasting stations available in the helpdesk nook at the eLC: These stations have document cameras, web cams, and the professional screencasting software Screenflow installed. Screenflow lets you easily edit your screecasts, adding drawing annotations like arrows and boxes and highlighting the mouse cursor. These stations also have paid versions of Swift […]