Additional Parent Contact Information Available for Faculty in PowerTeacher

More parent contact information is now available in the PowerTeacher > sqlReports 5 > Student Demographics for Teachers report. Where previously there was only a “Guardian E-mail” field, which may have been the father or mother, there are now two additional columns for mother’s e-mail and father’s e-mail.

The registrar’s office requests that you e-mail both parents when contacting home. This will better inform parents and make them more likely to repond to/act upon your e-mails. Please contact Lucy Zhong,, with any questions.


Parents now have Canvas accounts!

Thanks to Eric, all parents now have a Canvas account linked to their child(ren). This means that parents receive the same email notifications as students when you create an assigment, leave a comment on an assignment, make an announcement, etc. This adds, at no time to cost to the teacher, another way to keep parents informed of what’s happening in class.

Share OneNote student notebooks with parents

If you’re using OneNote Class Notebooks, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can mass-generate private links for parents to see the notebooks of their children:

This will let you and the students share evidence of their learning with parents without letting them change anything in the notebooks. You can use an e-mail merge to send out all those logins automatically to parents. Get step-by-step instructions straight from Microsoft: