NCPA #edtech Briefing: Thursday, November 5


The Innovation Hub is staffed, resourced, and ready for action!  James and Jordan shared information about how this #makerspace can be used for any class.  They also showed us how to book it, and the common resources and materials you would find there.

Stay tuned for more information, events and trainings related to the #InnovationHub

Leo also talked about how GradeCam is a helpful tool.  It cuts down time spent grading, organizes your data in an easy to use dashboard, and gives immediate feedback to students.

You can find the link to log in to GradeCam on the #staffportal

Go HERE to complete a form and have the IT Dept. set up your classes in GradeCam.

Enter the Laser Cutter

The Inno-Hub is open for business! Er, learning. Despite all the fancy tools inside, this is an accessible space with a low learning curve. To show you how low, Yosef gives you a three-minute rundown on how simple it is to use our laser cutter!

Want to learn more? Come to one of our upcoming Friday drop-in sessions and cut something yourself.

Come to the Inno-Hub Grand Opening!

NCPA faculty and staff, you’re all invited to the grand opening of the Inno-Hub! If you’ve yet to set foot in our awesome new space, this is an opportunity to try out a variety of stations and learn how the tools on offer can give you new ways to help students meet your courses’ standards. RSVP according to the information below; seats are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis:​​