Aaron Foster explains Quizlet Live

Creating fun and meaningful assessments can be a challenge – just ask anyone from this week’s #pudPDAsia event. Quizlet Live is one tool you can use to do just that. With a few clicks, you can create a competitive game to help students review vocabulary and concepts. But Aaron Foster explains it better in this two-minute video:

Simple Screencasting with a Macbook and Mini-Whiteboard

If you’re in the middle school and have an iPad​, creating a screencast where students draw and explain a concept is easy with an app like Explain Everything. At the high school where students have Macbooks, the drawing part isn’t easy – but it can be with a mini-whiteboard! You can create a simple screencast like this:

First, put your Macbook lid down to 45 degrees and place a small whiteboard directly below the screen:

Use Quicktime Player to record a movie with your webcam. The movie will be upside down and reversed:

BUT we can use Quicktime Player > Edit menu to flip the video horizontally and vertically!

There you have it – easy screencasts with tools you already have in your classroom. When they’re done, have students upload them to Microsoft Stream (https://web.microsoftstream.com/) and share the link with you.

Grammarly: A Decent Grammar Checker

Grammarly is an extension for your web browser that checks the grammar of your emails, online documents and any other place where you enter text into a web page.

Use it for your own communcations, or have students use it along with the Office Online apps to catch common mistakes or other areas where they may not have had direct instruction about language usage.