IT Notice: OneDrive Web Update

IT Notice: OneDrive web update affecting all user experience

The IT department has discovered a recent change in the pathway to the “Documents” page in OneDrive when clicking on web OneDrive through Office 365 portal, it will bring you to the SharePoint site instead of the OneDrive content page:

In order to reach the Documents page you will need to click “Document” on the SharePoint page to access OneDrive content

Here is the current pathway: > login > OneDrive > Your Department > Department SharePoint Site > Document > Your OneDrive content is there.

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Virtual School Tech Briefing: Student Edition : February 28th

One of the biggest tech challenges of online school has been finding a way for students to download or watch a video from class relatively quickly. As teachers we’ve used resources such as: watching from Canvas, downloading from Canvas, downloading from teams, sending Sharepoint links, uploading to Stream and some teachers have even found their way on to Bilibili 网络教学面临的最大技术挑战之一,是找到一种让学生在课堂上相对快速地下载或观看视频的方法。作为教师,我们使用的资源包括:将视频Canvas上下载、Teams上下载、发送Sharepoint链接、上传到Stream以及有部分教师甚至找到自己的途径去使用Bilibili

As we move further into online school we’re looking to create a seamless way for you to be able to reach these videos by syncing your classes ( in Teams ) with Onedrive 随着我们进一步深入网络教学,我们正在创造一个无缝的方式,让你可以用Onedrive让视频同步到你的Teams课堂上。


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The Definitive Guide to Slow Internet

Since the beginning of virtual school, students have submitted at least 188 tickets to the IT helpdesk. Of those tickets, the largest single source of problems (56 tickets; 31%) is students’ slow home internet connections. China’s limited overseas connectivity causes slow home internet connections – essentially, there is an internet traffic jam between China and the rest of the world.

China’s internet traffic jam is so bad that Microsoft has published an article about it.

While the IT helpdesk can’t disperse this traffic jam, the helpdesk has found common workarounds that help students to submit their work. Click Continue reading below to see the full list.

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NCPA #virtualschool Daily #edtech Briefing: Thursday, March 5th

Get the latest #virtualschool tips, FAQs, and demo slams from #pulaoproud Tech Ambs @newtonsscience @alannamounsey @trishmerewether @hanghesperwang @mbkkelsey live every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00am CST. Join link & recordings at #issedu #acamistech

This day’s topics were:

  • Student Survey Updates
  • Phishing e-mails continued
  • Top 10 Tech Tips from Virtual School debrief

NCPA #virtualschool Daily #edtech Briefing: Thursday, Feb 27

Get the latest #virtualschool tips, FAQs, and demo slams from #pulaoproud Tech Ambs @newtonsscience @alannamounsey @trishmerewether @hanghesperwang @mbkkelsey live every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00am CST. Join link & recordings at #issedu #acamistech

This day’s topics were:

  • STEM Canvas course demo
  • Protocols for online meetings
  • Using Lucidchart for Chalktalks
  •  Alternatives to Padlet
  • Teams file syncing

How to sync your OneDrive

We’ve mentioned this several times over the past two weeks – because it’s important:

You and your students should sync your OneDrive and Teams to your computers. Then, when the teacher adds a file – like a video – to a Team channel, it will download automatically to the students’ computers. And it’s easy!

  1. Install the OneDrive app from the Mac App Store. Open it and log in with your NCPA account.
  2. For each Team channel you want to sync, click Files and then click Sync

That’s it!

If you want to sync all the files in a Team instead of just a channel, you (or you students if they want) should follow the instructions outlined here.

Another advantage of syncing is that it means your files are safe in the cloud. So long as you save to your synced OneDrive or Team folders instead of your Mac’s Desktop or Documents folders, your files are safe from damage, loss and theft.

Student OneDrive Adoption Rates Climb

At the end of October, we noticed that many students had very few files in their OneDrive. The percentage of students with fewer than six files in their OneDrive reached as high as 66% for some grade levels. Since OneDrive use is critical for students’ abilities to create and collaborate, the English and Chinese departments collaborated with Matt K to create a 15-minute lesson on syncing with OneDrive, using the Outlook app on phones, and accessing the school calendar at

As of November 29, OneDrive use has climbed steadily due to most students using the OneDrive sync client to store and back up files from their Macbooks to OneDrive:

% of students not actively using OneDrive (have <6 files)

​Grade Oct 24​ ​Nov 29
​12 ​47% ​26%
​11 ​46% ​21%
​10 ​66% ​28%
​9 ​25% ​6%

We hope this is making it easier for students to collaborate and work productively in your classes. Thanks again to the courses and teachers in the Chinese and English departments who contributed their instructional time to make it happen!

Selective Sync with OneDrive

A great feature of the OneDrive sync client is that it lets you sync your group files to your laptop. But you may not want to sync all the files in your groups or individual ​OneDrive, for example to save hard drive space. In these cases, you can choose the folders you want to sync:

Find step-by-step instructions in the OneDrive for Mac FAQ.