Office 365 Sharing vs. Google Drive Sharing

When you’re sharing files in Office 365, the links don’t work exactly like Google Drive – and if you don’t know the difference, you might end up giving people edit access without meaning to. The two-minute video below explains.

Reserve the Black Box Theatre Through Outlook

The Black Box Theatre is open for business! Reserve this space for your classes through your Outlook calendar, just like any other meeting space on campus. Katrina walks you through it in the video below.

The Transformative Microsoft Translator

Microsoft’s Translator app has the potential to transform how we do parent-teacher communication at this school. It has interpretation features that translate spoken or typed text in real time! While it won’t replace a real-life interpreter, it’s handy in situations like SLCs when there isn’t one on hand. Better parent-teacher communication means more parent buy-in and involvement, resulting in better student achievement.

Watch how it works below.

How to Mail Merge a List of Incompletes with Word and Outlook 2016

Sending emails home about Incompletes or Not Yets doesn’t have to be a chore. Learn how you can mostly automate the process in less than ten minutes by watching the guide above (NCPA login required due to presence of student information).

Office for Mac Now Does Real-Time Co-Authoring!

Office for Mac now lets you co-author in real time just like the online version! (Read more at Arstechnica.) To enable this functionality, update your Office apps by opening any of them, go to the Help menu, and choose Check for Updates. After updating, you will be able to open documents and change them with other people at the same time. Note that the other users ALSO need to be on the latest version if they are also using the Mac apps.

Excel Tips

​At this week’s after school PD, we learned to use Excel to manipulate text and numbers with formulas and array formulas and look up information/fill in information automatically with VLOOKUP and LOOKUP.

For manipulating text and numbers, use these formulas:

  • CONCATENATE, CONCAT, “”&”” – combine two or more cells, strings, or numbers
  • LEFT, RIGHT, MID – take X characters from the left, middle, or right of a cell
  • UPPER, LOWER – convert a cell to upper or lower case

We also learned about these Excel features:

  • Inserting columns and rows
  • Filtering and sorting (under the Data tab) to make large spreadsheets easier to read
  • Splitting into columns by delimiter use Text to Columns, also under the data tab
  • Freeze panes to make a row and/or column always show, even when you scroll right or downHide columns/sheets
  • Filling by dragging the square in the bottom-left of a cell
  • Dollar sign use in formulas to use an absolute reference to a cell
  • When you begin typing a formula, Excel will show a pop-up explaining the syntax you need to follow

Finally, we used VLOOKUP to automatically retrieve information about students based on a key value, such as their student ID number.

Contact Matt directly to get the practice workbook.

Office for Mac Fast Insiders Enables Real-Time Co-Authoring in Desktop Apps

The desktop Office apps are more powerful than their Online counterparts, but the current release doesn’t support the real-time co-authoring that helps us collaborate. Luckily, you can opt into the “Fast Insiders” version that enables this key feature. While it’s technically an unsupported release, feedback from users so far is that it’s stable and gets rid of those “locked for editing” errors that happen when multiple users use the regular desktop apps.

Get instructions on signing up direct from Microsoft’s support site: