The Best Mapping App for China

Google Maps isn’t accurate in China – it’s hard to search for places of interest, it doesn’t offer accurate GPS location, it needs a VPN, and public transport and walking directions are outdated or broken (for example, it doesn’t show the new metro extension to the school). Lucky, we have Lost Laowai to help us find our way! Lost Laowai is a “Bilingual Map App for Foreigners in China” that works on iOS and Android. It uses Amap, an accurate Chinese mapping service, and translates the interface so that you can search for places in English, Pinyin or Chinese – and then get public transport or walking directions.

This really is a game-changer – now you’ll know which buses in Nansha will take you to the new Starbucks or Vietnamese restaurant, or how to get to the Ikea in Panyu, AND you’ll be able to navigate from your true current location.

Navigating by public transportation:

Navigating by walking: