Virtual School Plan Activated

I’m sure many of you have questions about the virtual school plan. The plan has been activated in response to school closure mandated by the government due to precautions about the Wuhan corona virus. Please refer to the essential outline and links to further information below.

  • The full plan, FAQs, and two sample online lessons developed by Chelsea and Greg are available in this Virtual School Resources Canvas course.
  • In the current scenario, teachers deliver instruction asynchronously by creating online lessons in Canvas, one lesson per course every two days. Teachers need not teach live (synchronous) classes.
  • Teachers should be online in Teams for virtual office hours with students during the time when they would otherwise be teaching a class. For example, if you would normally teach blocks A, B and D then you need to be available online during those times.
  • A modified communications protocol is in effect. All faculty and staff should be online using Teams during virtual office hours. All students and teachers should install Teams by downloading the client from Additionally,
    • Teachers may communicate with students using e-mail and Canvas. To have a live video/text/audio chat session, use Teams.
    • Teachers may communicate with colleagues asynchronously via e-mail. To have a live video/text/audio chat session, use Teams.
  • Expect hiccups big and small, and reach out for help and questions when you need it!
    • Email or send a Teams message to Hanson, Aracelis or Matt for policy questions
    • Email or send a Teams message Matt and/or the Tech Ambassadors for “how do I use technology to teach?” questions. The Tech Ambassadors email address is
    • Email the IT helpdesk at for “my technology isn’t working” questions
    • Training on variety of online instruction topics will be available no later than Monday. The trainings will be given live via webinar and recordings will be posted online for your review.