Virtual School Daily Tech Briefing: Monday, Feb. 3

NCPA’s Tech Ambassadors prep you for #virtualschool in daily #edtech briefs at 9:30am CST. Get the latest tips and FAQs, mildly witty banter & bad jokes. The join link is always

View the recording of the latest broadcast below.

Quick and dirty notes follow after the break.

  • Today’s training agenda – MK
    • Canvas 101
    • Daily tech briefing
    • Online Instruction 110
    • Collaboration w/Teams 110
    • Canvas 201
  • Spam email from Hanson – delete it right away – HW
    • Summary
      • Accessed his account
      • Create a sway with a link to the fake site
      • Sent the sway to people
      • If you clicked on the link in the sway, took you to a fake login page
      • Goal: ?
        • Get accounts to use for spam
        • $$$
      • Can happen to anyone
        • Password guessing
        • Phishing
        • Re-using credentials
        • Be vigilant
      • Who should I email for help? – EC
      • Teams app for Android direct download: – MK
      • Student can’t see Canvas course – AM
        • Working on double-checking enrollment – should be done
        • how to enable self-registration
      • Teams Update – AM
        • Teachers can create Teams now
        • Purpose: make it easy to set up invites, meetings for your classes in response to three teacher requests
        • Not visible to students until you click Activate
        • Not linked to existing courses
        • Not required to use these Teams
      • Screencast-o-matic subscription -EC
        • Lets your record your screen and edit the recording. Can include video from your webcam so you can record yourself. Helpful for input.
        • Access link via Canvas course
        • You’ll need a password which is on the page
        • There are iOS and Android apps