Treat yo’self.

Several of you were vacationing without your laptops when the Guangdong government suddenly announced school closure. Working on a smartphone or iPad is no fun, and we want you to be productive and happy for the next two weeks of virtual school.

Therefore, you may purchase a MacBook Air on the school’s behalf from an Apple Store or authorized reseller where you are. You can use this for the rest of virtual school. When you return to NCPA, the IT department will collect your laptop – in pristine condition, please! – and get you reimbursed. Read on for details.

The details:

  1. Get written confirmation on Teams or in e-mail from Matt prior to purchasing anything.
  2. Purchase a last-generation 256GB MacBook Air or current generation 128GB MacBook Air from an Apple Store or authorized reseller (these should be $1200-$1300USD in southeast Asia).
  3. Save your store invoice/receipt that lists the item purchased. You do not need to keep the box, even though it’s pretty.
  4. When you return to NCPA, give the receipt and the laptop with all accessories to the IT department. After your return, you’ll need to use your originally assigned machine until your designated replacement date.
  5. Matt will submit a reimbursement request for you after you’ve turned in the laptop. You will be reimbursed in RMB to your account according to NCPA’s usual reimbursement policies.

If you’re nervous about fronting the money for a laptop but want a computer, you should investigate gaming or internet cafes in your area. Your hotel’s business center may also have computers for use. We may be able to reimburse the hourly costs you incur for internet cafes; inquire with Matt if you’re interested.