Extra monitors and keyboards available

The IT department recently cleaned out our storeroom and we have some extra monitors and wireless bluetooth keyboards available for use in your office. These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and can be checked out to you for use at school indefinitely. Stop by the helpdesk before December 19 if you’re interested in one!

Classroom Phones Installed: Get Help Faster

Classroom phones have been installed in all AQ1, AQ2 and AQ4 classrooms!

This means that when you’re having a problem with your projector at the beginning of class, or it’s raining and water starts leaking into your classroom, you can pick up a phone and call the IT or facilities helpdesks directly. You can also reach the nurse or counselors in the event of a medical or counseling emergency. Each phone has a contact list posted next to it with the numbers of every classroom and main hall office.

By January, performing arts and fine arts classrooms will also have phones installed.