Virtual School Daily Tech Briefing: Tuesday, Feb. 4

NCPA’s Tech Ambassadors prep you for #virtualschool in daily #edtech briefs at 9:30am CST. Get the latest tips and FAQs, mildly witty banter & bad jokes. The join link is always

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Our outline notes which include the full details from our broadcast are after the break.

  1. How do I watch the VS Daily EdTech Bulletin, again? – MK
    1. – persistent link
    2. See Daily Bulletin
  • See Calendar invite
  1. See Staff Calendar
  2. See link in EdTech blog
  1. Canvas Exemplars – MK
    1. Go to > Modules > About NCPA’s Virtual Plan > Browse Actual Canvas Courses to share your Canvas course with other teachers and to see what others have shared with you
    2. Set your course’s visibility to Institution or Public first, otherwise others won’t be able to see it
  2. Curations – AM
    1. Check (our Virtual School Canvas course) for curated links to virtual school resources
  3. Teams redux –HW
    1. Setting a meeting with your team
    2. Keep the same team for the future meeting
  • Notetaking + Whiteboard
  1. Streaming video – TM
    1. Nina G – Can you caption w/Stream? Yes, when uploading
    2. Don’t upload video to Canvas – upload into teams itself instead of canvas or use stream and use a link, an additional tech that people are not used to. Stream is built into Microsoft
  • Can students access EdPuzzle without a VPN even if the video is from YouTube? – James K No, you must download and upload it again.
  1. Screencast-o-matic editor – EC
    1. Screencast-o-matic Teams Premium has a video editor to edit your screencasts. Or, you can put them into iMovie.
  2. EdPuzzle, Flipgrid & Canvas integration – DS
    1. Post a video by adding an “External URL”
    2. Linking Flipgrid to Canvas:
  3. When do Ss need to be online? – EC
    1. Students and parents may be assuming students need to be online during certain hours.
    2. They can access Canvas and complete work at any time.
    3. If they want to videochat, make it between 8am and 3pm CST, during your normal class hours.
  4. Interactive Graphic Organizers – EC
    1. Mindmeister
    2. PowerPoint
  5. Help us help you – MK
    1. Avoid using WeChat!
    2. Tech instruction —> learning innovation
    3. Hardware, VPN, Internet connection —> IT
    4. Policy or safety concerns – your supervisor
    5. Teams message directly to IT or Tech Amb