The Definitive Guide to Slow Internet

Since the beginning of virtual school, students have submitted at least 188 tickets to the IT helpdesk. Of those tickets, the largest single source of problems (56 tickets; 31%) is students’ slow home internet connections. China’s limited overseas connectivity causes slow home internet connections – essentially, there is an internet traffic jam between China and the rest of the world.

China’s internet traffic jam is so bad that Microsoft has published an article about it.

While the IT helpdesk can’t disperse this traffic jam, the helpdesk has found common workarounds that help students to submit their work. Click Continue reading below to see the full list.

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Virtual School Daily Tech Briefing: Tuesday, Feb. 4

NCPA’s Tech Ambassadors prep you for #virtualschool in daily #edtech briefs at 9:30am CST. Get the latest tips and FAQs, mildly witty banter & bad jokes. The join link is always

Our outline notes which include the full details from our broadcast are after the break.

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