Virtual School Daily Tech Briefing: Thursday, Feb 6

NCPA’s Tech Ambassadors prep you for #virtualschool in daily #edtech briefs at 9:30am CST. Get the latest tips and FAQs, demo slams, mildly witty banter & bad jokes. The join link is always

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Our outline notes which include the full details from our broadcast are after the break.

  • Plus/Deltas
    • Teams & collaboration, students on top of it, connections (AM)
    • Student communication & engagement (AM)
      • Yosef sent out first student bulletin today! Woot Woot!
      • Expect to repeat yourself because of communications blizzard.
      • Contacting parents about students who haven’t logged in
      • You can see this in Canvas > People
      • Teachers, please reach out – no centralized way to do this currently. i.e. G9 SS reaches out at the end of each day. MK to check in with HY and ArM
    • Cheating (DS)
      • Follow school protocol
      • Turnitin workshop? Tell us in Deltas
      • No googleable answers
      • Canvas discussions – don’t let student see responses until they post their own
      • Posting assignment at same time for all sections, close it for all sections
    • Tech issues update
      • .sigh (MK)
        • Canvas quizzes, media recordings
        • General connectivity
      • Slow internet, esp EdPuzzle, FlipGrid, Team (EC)
        • Be patient.
        • Be specific when reporting issues! Use screensharing when talking to students to see their problem.
        • Don’t use Safari
        • Alternative to Edpuzzle: record video, put Qs in Forms or Canvas quizzes
      • Threaded audio discussions in Canvas via James K (MK or JK)
        • Use Canvas’ Discussion feature and have students do a “Media Recording” to record themselves speaking. See video for demo:
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        • Like Flipgrid, but completely within Canvas
        • iPad users may have trouble participating
        • JK says – “Only issue so far been permissions on chrome. Allow camera and mic access.”
      • Testing if websites/resources need a VPN (AM)