Virtual School Daily Tech Briefing: Student Edition : Thursday, Feb 6

Hello Students, 


We hope you all had a wonderful Spring FestivalWe first want to thank you for your continued patience as we kick off our first edition of Virtual School. This is a new format of learning for many but we’re excited to see how enthusiastic you’ve been as Negotiators, Planners and Collaborators in this new school format.


Each day in the daily bulletin, Mr. Fagan and Mr. T, will be providing tech tips for the NCPA students on how to best utilize their virtual school. We’ll start today by providing tips for Canvas

Mr. Fagan and Mr. T 将会从今天开始,每天在daily bulletin发布一些关于网络学习系统的应用指南今天的内容为Canvas。

At the beginning of each day:


  • Force Quit any unnecessary applicationsThese applications include anything that you use to touch fish.



  • Close any unnecessary tabs in your browser
  • 关掉浏览器中所有非相关、不必要的页面

  • Use a computer ( Mac ) for the best Virtual School experience. Only rely on cell phone or iPad if you have no other available device. 
  • 使用电脑(MAC)来进行网络学习,只有当你没有任何可用设备的时候再退而求其次选用手机或iPad。

What browser should I use for Canvas and Virtual School


For the best experience, make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox to access Canvas. 


It’s day 2 of Virtual School and I don’t know how to log into Canvas. What do I do? 


First, it’s important that your teacher(s) are aware of the issues that you’ve had. E-Mail your teacher immediately to inform them of your experience. 



Follow the steps below: 



2. Enter NCPA e-mail and Password ( same as Powerschool password )

If you still cannot get logged in, please reach out to

Please provide detailed information about the issue including screenshots and what device your using.

Ok! I’m in. What do I do next?


  • Once you’re in check your Dashboard this is where you will find all of your classes. 
  • 登陆之后查看Dashboard,在此你可以找到你所有的课程

  • Check the name of the class and the teacher. 
  • 查看课程名称以及对应老师

I want to get e-mails from Canvas about notifications from my classesHow can I do this? 

我希望通过邮箱收到Canvas 的通知,我要怎么设置

Go into “Account” and then “Notifications” 


I’m having an issue accessing Canvas in China but Chinese sites seem to be okay …  


Your experience with Canvas can depend on your internet service provider. Here is our recommendation


1. If possible, we recommend China Telecom 

2. Then China Unicom

3. China Mobile + VPN

1. 有条件的话建议中国电信宽带

2, 中国联通

3, 中国移动+VPN

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Until next time, 


Mr. Tewolde & Mr. Fagan