NCPA #virtualschool Daily #edtech Briefing: Monday, Feb 10

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  • +/ Δs
    • Centrally contacting students: later today or early tomorrow, the principals’ office will start to contact students/parents who haven’t met expectations for logging in (MK)
  • Canvas Module Prereqs (AM)
    • Use module prerequisites to add structure to your class and force students to complete activities in a certain sequence.
  • Nearpod Self-Paced Lessons (EC)
  • Edpuzzle Solution (HW)
    • Download the video – make sure it’s less than 5 minutes
    • Create multiple source – Sharepoint, Stream, Teams, Canvas
    • Design corresponding worksheet with time stamps + questions + answer area
  • Word access (EC)
    • Students generally don’t have desktop Word licenses. They should use online version.
    • Students may need to download and file and upload to Office 365 to edit it with office 365.
  • Student survey (HW)
    • Asking all G9 students how they felt about online learning after the first week
    • Things that worked for them / not worked for them
  • Work/Life Balance (PM)
  • Local tech support (MK)
    • If it relates to work, even using your personal tech, email – we can do a best effort
    • can check your internet speeds. Choose Singapore if you want to estimate your access speed for Canvas and Teams.
    • Go to an internet café, gaming café or co-working space
    • Contact the vendor of your software/device for help, or find a computer repair shop on Google Maps