NCPA #virtualschool Daily #edtech Briefing: Tuesday, Feb. 11

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Our outline notes which include the full details from our broadcast are after the break.

  • 22 students reminded to log in
  • +/ Δs
    • Plusses (AM)
      • Ss, Ts continue to be comfortable with Teams
      • Fewer tech questions
      • Flipgrid and Screencasts
    • Deltas (MK)
      • Slow internet & engagement (3 each)
      • “Database of kids who have issues:” Helpdesk will let you know when student contacts helpdesk directly
      • Thanks for reporting tech issues; also report to helpdesk if you need a verified response
    • Reminder about how to email parents (MK)
    • Calendly shout-out (EC)
    • Work-life balance: (AM)
      • Lunch Breaks
      • Social interactions via Teams, ie morning working
      • PubPD Twitter chat tonight