Pin and Group Tabs in Chrome

Are you a tabaholic?

Here are two tips that can help with organizing your tabs:

#1 Pin Tabs – I like to have mail and calendar one-click away

  • Right-click on a tab and a menu will appear.  Select “Pin”. Now the tab will always be at the left side of your browser window.   Anytime I relaunch Chrome, they are always there.
  • Here is a look at the menu that appears when you right-click on the tab.  Select “Pin” and now you have the Staff Portal added to your pinned tabs.  
  • Note:  Pinned tabs will appear smaller (they are collapsed) than other tabs. This is nice since they take up less space!


#2 – Create Tab Groups – Tab groups are great when you are working on a project that involves several tabs. You can name and color-code the group and view them expanded or minimized.  (Helps to make you not look like a tab junkie)

  • Right-click on a tab that you would like to become a group, select “Add Tab to a New Group”, name the group and select a color.  
  • Find more sites/resources to add to the group in different tabs.  You can right-click and add the tab to an existing group.  Or, you can drag open tabs to the group.  
  • If you click on the tab name, the group will expand or collapse.  This is great for managing projects and finding the correct tab when you need it.
  • Exhibit A:  Here you can see my three pinned tabs on the left, two tab groups (collapsed), and this tab I’m writing this post on. It appears as if  I only have 6 open tabs.


  • Exhibit B:  Once I expand one of the groups, I can see all of the tabs within it.  This makes it very easy to decipher which each tab is, and I have all of the resources just one click away. You can see I opened everything I needed for Advisory this morning and created a tab group.  Tab groups come in handy when you are working on projects that require several documents or sites or to prep all the resources for a meeting or a class.


Other Tips for the Tab Junkies:

I know people are reluctant to shut down and/or restart their computers because they do not want to lose all of their tabs.  If you close Chrome by accident or restart your computer you can restore your last window.

  • Open Chrome –> click the three dots in the top, right-hand side of your browser.
  • Select History –> Not only will a list of your most recent sites visited appear, but you can choose to restore all recent tabs



Thanks to Anthony for the inspiration for this post!