InnoHub October/November Happenings

Integrated Science 9
IS9 teachers Rebecca Pettit, Adam Nollsch, and Tim Birkett have made great use of the InnoHub resources and workspace over the past two months! Students worked on planning for and designing prototypes of cars by applying their knowledge of Newton’s Laws of Motion, air resistance, friction, and velocity. They then built the cars and reengineered them after testing for acceleration and distance as part of their physics summative. Students used the data to complete graphs and analyze their design choices.
More recently, they returned to build solar ovens to test out their ability to heat a marshmallow using insulation and reflection. Students then described the movement of thermal energy through the system they designed and applied knowledge of convection, conduction, and radiation in their explanations.
Grade 9 Advisory
This year the grade 9 students have been pairing up to undertake a design challenge in the InnoHub during advisory. In 20 minutes students design and build a tower. Mr. Wambeke asks them to imagine that they are architects tasked with building the tallest skyscraper in the city where the company’s logo, represented by a tennis ball, should be visible to anyone in the city. They move quickly through the design process, brainstorming and prototyping their towers with popsicle sticks. After the challenge, students are given time to reflect on and discuss their designs. This pilot program gives the students (and advisors) a way to connect with career and academic standards in a fun, creative, and innovative way. At the same time, students learn where the InnoHub is and what it is used for. Yay for collaboration!
Are you interested in using the space for an upcoming project or lesson?  Contact Jordan Wambeke or Lisa Hughes to learn more.