Try Parlay for Meaningful Class Discussions

Parlay is a free web-based discussion platform that fosters communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Check out this YouTube video that explains: Parlay in 60 Seconds.

Aubrey recently invited me to her English Literature classes to see it in action. Then we sat down to chat about it. Here is what we discussed and how you can get started with Parlay.

What are the Benefits of Parlay?

  • Includes data visualizations to hold students accountable for their involvement in discussions
  • It gives students time to mentally organize their thoughts before it’s their turn to speak
  • More participation from reluctant speakers
  • There are options for teachers to share feedback in real-time
  • Teachers can jot down private notes for each student
  • After the discussion, the data visuals give an opportunity for reflection
  • You can embed a rubric based on the Parlay template
Parlay give you real-time data
Example data from a written discussion roundtable.

How can I use Parlay?

  • Brainstorming
  • Reflection
  • Topic exploration
  • Book discussions
  • Debates
  • Anonymous Discussion Board

How do I create my first Parlay?

  • Go to
  • Sign up (you can use Microsoft to log in)
  • Create a Course
  • In the course, select the “+New Round Table”
  • Choose “From Scratch” or try the “Parlay Genie (AI)”
  • Choose verbal or written to create your first roundtable
Here is an axample of the teachers dashboard.

Contact me or Aubrey Scholz if you would like more info on getting started or how you could use this in your classes!