Cellphone Games for English Learning

The traditional Cross-and-down has envolved to the next level – check out the following three English related games which provide a unique perspective of learning the language and having fun at the same time.


1. Alphabear I & II

Fun, easy game to start noticing spelling techniques and the rules make up a word. Simply put the letters in the field to form a word and collect the bears.


2. Typeshift

Powered by the whole dictionary of Merrian-Webster, this game requires its player a good knowledge of morphemes. It may be difficult to identify all the possible combinations of the listed letters, but that is why it is addictive!


3. Dear Reader

Read a classic novel by putting the keywords in the appropriate place to form correct sentences. Long text is chunked into short, manageable paragraphs for easy access. Recommended!



Aaron Foster explains Quizlet Live

Creating fun and meaningful assessments can be a challenge – just ask anyone from this week’s #pudPDAsia event. Quizlet Live is one tool you can use to do just that. With a few clicks, you can create a competitive game to help students review vocabulary and concepts. But Aaron Foster explains it better in this two-minute video: