Student OneDrive Adoption Rates Climb

At the end of October, we noticed that many students had very few files in their OneDrive. The percentage of students with fewer than six files in their OneDrive reached as high as 66% for some grade levels. Since OneDrive use is critical for students’ abilities to create and collaborate, the English and Chinese departments collaborated with Matt K to create a 15-minute lesson on syncing with OneDrive, using the Outlook app on phones, and accessing the school calendar at

As of November 29, OneDrive use has climbed steadily due to most students using the OneDrive sync client to store and back up files from their Macbooks to OneDrive:

% of students not actively using OneDrive (have <6 files)

​Grade Oct 24​ ​Nov 29
​12 ​47% ​26%
​11 ​46% ​21%
​10 ​66% ​28%
​9 ​25% ​6%

We hope this is making it easier for students to collaborate and work productively in your classes. Thanks again to the courses and teachers in the Chinese and English departments who contributed their instructional time to make it happen!