Create Fillable Forms in MS Word

If you don’t have PDF editing software like Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can still easily create fillable forms using Microsoft Word. Avita recently used this feature to create internal forms for the counseling department.

Follow these instructions from Microsoft to create your form or watch this video from a guy on YouTube.

Don’t Use Forms to Create Forms

Yes, the best way to create forms is to first go to your individual or group OneDrive and click the + New button, then choose Forms for Excel:

This creates an Excel workbook in your OneDrive that you can use the share the results with collaborators. You’ll notice a new Forms button in the toolbar:

If you create a Form using the Forms tile rather than by using the + New button, you won’t see it in your OneDrive and you won’t be able to share the results spreadsheet with collaborators or store it in a Group. So remember: to create forms, don’t use Forms.