Virtual School Daily Tech Briefing: Student Edition : Thursday, Feb 6

Hello Students, 


We hope you all had a wonderful Spring FestivalWe first want to thank you for your continued patience as we kick off our first edition of Virtual School. This is a new format of learning for many but we’re excited to see how enthusiastic you’ve been as Negotiators, Planners and Collaborators in this new school format.


Each day in the daily bulletin, Mr. Fagan and Mr. T, will be providing tech tips for the NCPA students on how to best utilize their virtual school. We’ll start today by providing tips for Canvas

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Finding Student Info in the PowerSchool Admin Portal

This week we had a training session for PS Admin Portal users. Find the Quick Ref card here:

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New Time-Saving Reports in PowerTeacher

Our PowerSchool Master Eric Zou has ​added three new reports to PowerTeacher to help you find information about your students.

The first, ​Incompletes Report for Teachers, shows a list of incomplete assignments, the student responsible, and the student’s parent’s email address. We hope this makes it easier to inform parents of your concerns about their children – especially if you do an e-mail merge using Outlook.

The second, Past Referrals for Teachers, shows a list of all the disciplinary log items you’ve submitted. You can sort it by student. This will help you determine how many times you’ve logged something in PowerSchool so that you can escalate to the principal’s office if necessary.

The third, Student Test Summary for Teachers, shows your students’ latest WIDA and MAP scores as well as their current grade in your course. You can use this to help you design instructional groupings.