NCPA #edtech Brieifing: November 3, 2020


Today I cover all of the things you should do before you travel to China!

Here are the links I referenced in the video:

Canvas – New Teacher Orientation – Tech Prerequisites

IT Knowledge Base (linked on the Staff Portal) – commonly asked tech questions with videos/tutorials

Pre-Travel Tech Survey 

Please fill this out at least 1 week prior to travel so we can assist you!  It also serves as a great checklist to make sure you are prepared for arrival.




WeChat Blocking MS Forms and Sway (Updated)

Update: WeChat and Microsoft resolved this issue on Monday, Jan 13.

WeChat’s browser appear to be blocking both Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Sway. Forms and Sway are both accessible in China; it is WeChat in particular that is blocking them. This will affect you if you use Forms with a QR code to collect event registration sign-ups – users will be blocked from the sign-up when they scan the code.

Unfortunately, there’s not a good workaround except to avoid using QR codes for event registration. Instead, make a short link. You need to use a Chinese service because Western shortlink services like are blocked. Use the Chinese website This will prompt people to open a web browser, type in the URL, and the page will then load correctly in their web browser.

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