WeChat Blocking MS Forms and Sway (Updated)

Update: WeChat and Microsoft resolved this issue on Monday, Jan 13.

WeChat’s browser appear to be blocking both Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Sway. Forms and Sway are both accessible in China; it is WeChat in particular that is blocking them. This will affect you if you use Forms with a QR code to collect event registration sign-ups – users will be blocked from the sign-up when they scan the code.

Unfortunately, there’s not a good workaround except to avoid using QR codes for event registration. Instead, make a short link. You need to use a Chinese service because Western shortlink services like bit.ly are blocked. Use the Chinese website http://sina.lt. This will prompt people to open a web browser, type in the URL, and the page will then load correctly in their web browser.

WARNING – do not email links created using http://sina.lt because they may be marked as spam. Instead, email the original link.

Sway Your Audience with Sway

Sway is an app in Office 365 that we haven’t covered here before, but it’s worth checking out. It goes beyond Powerpoint by letting you create online presentations/websites that look great on mobile phones and computers. This means that Sway goes great with QR codes. We tried this out at the recent Student Leadership Summit, where participants used QR codes to access content in a Sway on their phones. See the Sway below for more information…


…and learn more at https://sway.com/education/​​​​